What are INDIVIDUAL eyeglass lenses?

Glasses are usually worn for 8, 12 or even 16 hours a day every day and enable us good distance vision, effective work at computer and proper close vision. We need glasses to work and therefore they are one of the MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENTS in our lives. As we can easily see, human faces are unique and glasses frames have different shapes. But so far most of lens parameters have simply been averaged. During the process of manufacturing of eyeglass lenses with one power (e.g. for constant wear), multifocal lenses (e.g. reading and computer lenses for people over 40) or progressive lenses (e.g. reading, computer and TV all-in-one lenses) only the power of lenses has been taken into account. Other parameters have simply been standardised to fit an "average face". But this norm does not exist anymore. And that is why we recommend INDIVIDUAL eyeglass lenses to people who are aware of the fact that their glasses should have the best optics possible.

Thanks to ONLINE connection to German factory server and appropriate measurements that we take, we can design the optics of eyeglass lenses and ensure maximum sharpness of vision taking the following factors into consideration: individual face shape, eye depth and frame shape. Individual lenses are always delivered with engraved INITIALS of the person who is going to wear them.