Terms and conditions

  1. The newsletter service is provided by OKULUX Ophthalmologist's Private Practice Mariusz Koziak, hereinafter referred to as the Publisher.
  2. Within the scope of the aforementioned service, OKULUX has the right to send, via e-mail to the address provided by the user, for an indefinite period of time, periodic information in the form of an electronic mail, hereinafter referred to as the Newsletter.
  3. The Newsletter subscription service provided by www.okulux.pl is free of charge and available for every website user.
  4. The Newsletter is sent to registered users not more frequently than once a month - it can be sent less frequently.
  5. The Newsletter may contain:
    • information related to our offer,
    • currently available promotions,
    • content-related materials related to the activity of OKULUX,
    • as well as other information about OKULUX.
  6. If you wish to sign up for the "Newsletter", you need to go through the registration process on www.okulux.pl, i.e. to:
    • provide your e-mail address to which you wish to receive the Newsletter in the field indicated in the form,
    • confirm that you wish to receive the Newsletter by accepting the Terms and Conditions,
    • activate the link sent automatically to the indicated e-mail address, in order to verify the correctness of information given during the registration.
  7. Failure to activate the link and confirm the e-mail address of the user results in deleting the data provided during registration within 14 days from entering it into the database.
  8. Subscription of the Newsletter by the user is equivalent with its consent to receive advertising e-mails as well as e-mails related to the activity of OKULUX.
  9. In order to use the services provided via electronic mail the user must have an active and properly configured e-mail account. The Publisher shall not be liable for any errors or failures to receive the Newsletter being the result of wrong configuration of the user's e-mail account.
  10. Each Newsletter shall contain:
    • sender's information,
    • field "Subject", defining the content of the e-mail, filled in,
    • information about the method of resignation from the Newsletter.
  11. Each subscriber of the "Newsletter" may resign from receiving the Newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe link available in the footer of every e-mail.
  12. The e-mail address provided by the subscriber for the purposes of Newsletter subscription shall not be further processed or disclosed to any third party without the consent of the subscriber.
  13. Changes to this Terms and Condition shall be announced on the following website: okulux.pl/newsletter and via Newsletter and they shall become effective within 7 days from their publication on the website.
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