EXAMINATION 290 PLN (for first-time patients)

  • Examination for ORTHOCORRECTION, a method that inhibits the progression of myopia
  • Examination for CYLINDRICAL rigid lenses in high astigmatism
  • Examination for rigid/soft lenses in KERATOCONUS
  • Examination for myopia-inhibiting spectacles MiyoSmart
    (price includes one of the examinations listed)

EXAMINATION 290 PLN (for first-time patients)

  • Ophthalmic examination (selection of glasses/lenses, measurement of eye pressure, central fundus)
  • Funduscopic examination with pupil dilation in a three-mirror lens
  • Examination for astigmatism-correcting TORIC soft contact lenses plus a PAIR of lenses
  • Examination plus a PAIR of one-month spherical lenses, some lens solution and a lesson in lens handling
    (price includes one of the examinations listed)

EXAMINATION 240 PLN. (follow-up visit)

  • Visual impairment check and selection of glasses without eye examination
  • Post-application check-up of spherical/toric soft lenses
  • Eye pressure test
  • Examination of eyeball length
  • Second visit for fitting of TORIC/CONICAL/ORTHO rigid lenses
  • Third visit for TORIC/CONICAL/ORTHO rigid lenses
  • Follow-up visit within one year of wearing soft spherical/toric contact lenses
    (price includes one of the examinations listed)

Up to one month after your visit, you can consult the ophthalmologist via e-mail free of charge.
After this period, questions and correspondence are charged 20 PLN.

Emergency medical consultation by e-mail - 50 PLN.

Ophthalmic certificates and copies of medical history not issued during an ophthalmic visit are charged 100 PLN.

Prescriptions and e-prescriptions not issued during an ophthalmological visit are charged 20 PLN.

*visits after 5 or more years of absence are treated as first-time visits.

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