Why is it worth buying contact lenses at OKULUX?

  • We ONLY prescribe the highest quality contact lenses of new generation that ensure health and comfort throughout the day.
  • We will advise you WHICH type and model of lenses to choose (from many different options) so that it is best for YOUR eyes and lifestyle.
  • We provide SPECIALIST eye exams aimed at fitting contact lenses and we ensure CONSTANT eye control for people who wear them.
  • We have thorough understanding of and LONG-TERM experience in fitting contact lenses.
  • We are EXPERTS in solving problems connected with wearing contact lenses.
  • We guarantee full SATISFACTION or refund of contact lenses costs (costs of visits are not refundable).

What are "new generation" contact lenses?

New generation contact lenses are made of materials of oxygen permeability from 3 to 7 times higher than traditional lenses. Additionally, contact lenses are nowadays enriched with an internal moisturising component that makes the lens extremely soft and well hydrated. As a result you may wear modern contact lenses even 16 hours a day and your eyes will not get dry or red.

What types of contact lenses do we recommend?

There are over a dozen of different types of modern contact lenses made of new generation materials. In our offer we have daily contact lenses (that you wear for a single day and then throw away), two-week contact lenses (that you wear during the day, keep in conditioning solution at night and change every 14 days) and monthly contact lenses (that you wear during the day, keep in conditioning solution at night and change every 30 days). In some cases we may also recommend extended-wear contact lenses for continuous wear (during the day and at night) up to 30 days. At OKULUX we only prescribe newest, quality contacts designed by well-known and reputable brands and made of high-tech materials. We fit contact lenses individually so that they best fit the eyes as well as expectations and lifestyles of our patients. The decision which lens type and model to choose is extremely important and it is always made together with our patients.

How do we fit contact lenses at OKULUX?

We fit contact lenses according to a procedure valid worldwide.

The process of contact lens fitting involves the following:

  • patient's interview regarding his/her contact lenses expectations,
  • determination of vision defect,
  • measurement of eye dimensions,
  • eye exam (large magnification),
  • determination of the type and parameters of contact lenses,
  • putting contact lenses on,
  • evaluation of contact lens fitting,
  • instructions how to properly insert, remove and take care of contact lenses,
  • preparation of a control visit schedule.

Advantages of contact lenses

Contact lenses belong to recognised and safe methods of eye defects correction. They give their wearers broader view, often provide better eye focus, do not evaporate and ensure comfort all day long. They simply enable good, sharp vision without glasses. Contact lenses finely supplement glasses vision correction. Both methods may be used interchangeably - you may wear contact lenses during the day at work or school and use glasses in the evening while learning or using the computer.

Contact lenses delivered at home

To save your precious time we would like to invite you to OKULUX on-line shop. Place an order easily and fast and we will deliver it to your home or work address or IN-POST parcel lockers. OKULUX online shop is meant for patients only. Shop accounts are created by our staff at the request of our patients. If you choose this type of shopping, we can guarantee you attractive prices.