okulux sklep mniejszeWhat makes us special:

  1. We advise WHAT type of glasses to choose (from a wide variety of options) to make them most suitable for YOUR needs and lifestyle.
  2. Before making your glasses, we will tell you what THICKNESS the lenses will be and suggest the best option to reduce their thickness, using a cutting-edge computer program.
  3. We recommend INDIVIDUAL eyeglass lenses, designed specifically for your face and chosen frame so that the aesthetics and quality of vision are perfect.
  4. In the permanent display at the salon we have, among others, spectacle frames of well-known and respected brands Ray Ban, Hilfiger, Vogue and frames from a German manufacturer with interchangeable temples.
  5. We recommend eyeglass lenses of ONLY the highest quality, from well-known and respected manufacturers, always with 100% UV filter and multi-layer anti-reflex.
  6. After the EXAMINATION in our private practice, we offer a full SATISFACTION GUARANTEE or a refund of the glasses cost (costs incurred for doctor's visits are not refundable).

Advantages of aspheric eyeglass lenses.

At OKULUX, we mainly recommend aspheric eyeglass lenses. This type of lenses is particularly beneficial for people with astigmatism or those requiring high spherical correction. Unlike conventional lenses, aspheric eyeglass lenses minimise distortion and blurring, which is particularly bothersome when looking to the side. The entire surface of the lens is of the same power and peripheral distortion is minimised. In addition, spectacles with aspheric lenses reduce the perceived magnification or diminution of the eyes of their wearer. Aspheric eyeglass lenses are significantly thinner than traditional lenses, making them the perfect solution for those who appreciate style and aesthetics. Thanks to the multi-layer anti-reflective coating, aspheric lenses provide exceptional clarity and a 100% UV filter protects from harmful sunrays.


We fit corrective glasses according to an internationally applicable procedure.

The eyewear fitting procedure includes the following:

  • a discussion about your expectations regarding your glasses,
  • objective determination of your vision impairment for long range,
  • subjective determination of the vision defect and determination of the power for each eye separately,
  • verification of binocular power performance,
  • determination of additional power for close range, if necessary,
  • measurement of the outer part of your eyes,
  • exclusion of major eye diseases at basic eye examination,
  • possible extension to complete eye examination,
  • arrangement of a follow-up appointment schedule.

Glasses delivered at home

To save your precious time we would like to offer you delivery of ready glasses to the address indicated by you. We can deliver your order to home, work or any other address. Please use our HOT SHIPMENT service - courier delivery to the chosen address. If you buy glasses for more than PLN 500, this service is free of charge.

What are INDIVIDUAL eyeglass lenses?

Glasses are usually worn every day, for 8 - 12 - 16 hours, enabling us to see well at a distance, up close, and work efficiently at the computer. We consider them to be our working tool and one of the MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENTS in our lives. As we can easily see, human faces are unique and eyeglass frames have different shapes. But until now, most of the parameters of spectacle lenses have simply been made average. During the production of spectacle lenses, with a fixed power (e.g. for permanent wear), multifocal (e.g. for reading and computer in one in people over 40) or progressive (e.g. for reading, computer and TV in one), only the power value was taken into account. The rest of the parameters were simply averaged for all faces. However, this standard has just ceased to exist. For those who understand that the glasses they wear should have the best optics possible, we recommend INDIVIDUAL spectacle lenses.

Thanks to the INTERNET connection with the factory server in Germany and the appropriate measurements, we can design customised optics for spectacle lenses taking into account the individual facial structure, eye socket depth and shape of the spectacle frame to ensure the sharpest vision possible. The individual lenses are always delivered with the engraved INITIALS of the person who will wear them.

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