Astigmatism correction

We correct astigmatism with contact lenses - and we ensure good and stable vision.

At OKULUX we specialise in correcting astigmatism with the use of contact lenses. We prescribe soft contact lenses with cylindrical correction for patients with astigmatism up to 2 - 2.50 D. We usually recommend cylindrical soft contact lenses that are regularly changed. For astigmatism above 2.50 D we prescribe rigid gas permeable contact lenses made to order. We are one of the few specialists in Poland who fit contact lenses for people with very high astigmatism (6.00 - 12.00 D and even more).

Fotolia 6877969 XSWhat sets us apart?

  1. We ONLY prescribe the highest quality new generation contact lenses that ensure health, comfort and stable vision throughout the day.
  2. We fit rigid gas permeable (hard) contact lenses, that correct astigmatism of EVEN 12.00 D and more.
  3. We recommend ortho-k contact lenses for astigmatism to wear at night only. Read more...
  4. We provide SPECIALIST eye exams aimed at fitting soft or rigid (hard) contact lenses for astigmatism and we ensure CONSTANT eye control for people who wear them.
  5. We have thorough understanding of and LONG-TERM experience in fitting contact lenses for astigmatism.
  6. Cost of rigid contact lenses for high astigmatism is PLN 850 - 1250 - 1700 per pair (depending on the brand). Rigid contact lenses can usually be worn for approx. 2 years.
  7. Cost of first visit when fitting rigid contact lenses - PLN 150, fitting visit – PLN 100, follow-up visit after 2-3 weeks of wearing contact lenses - PLN 100.
  8. We GUARANTEE YOUR FULL SATISFACTION or return of money spent on contact lenses (costs of visit are not refundable).

What is astigmatism?

Fotolia 9074421 SAstigmatism is an inborn eye defect of the eye structure. As opposed to a healthy person whose eye is round like a basketball, the eye of a person with astigmatism is oval-shaped like a rugby ball. These geometric aberrations of the eye (usually of the cornea) cause blurred and distorted vision. Astigmatism is measured in cylindrical dioptres and expresses the difference between the powers in the vertical plane and horizontal plane.

Can we correct astigmatism with contact lenses?

Since recently astigmatism can be corrected with the use of special contact lenses, also known as cylindrical. At OKULUX we offer new generation of this type of contact lenses. Compared to traditional contact lenses they are characterised by three times higher oxygen transmission and very good stability on the eye. Thanks to a moisturising component, a patient with astigmatism can wear contact lenses comfortably throughout the day. For very high astigmatism we prescribe rigid gas permeable contact lenses with cylindrical back surface.


How to start wearing contact lenses if you suffer from astigmatism?

If your astigmatism does not exceed 2.5 D, we recommend you try one pair of new contact lenses for astigmatism. They are very comfortable and ensure sharp vision.

What should you pay attention to?

We would like to point out that not everywhere you may try one PAIR of contact lenses only. At OKULUX we do not recommend buying 6 pairs of contact lenses for astigmatism at once, without checking if your vision in contact lenses is stable and if lenses are comfortable.