I have been specialising in orthocorrection since 2006 and have been certified by the world's leading ortho lens manufacturers. I am very experienced in fitting ortho lenses for school children and adolescents.

Keratoconus correction

korekcja stozka rogowkiComfortable contact lenses. Soft cone lenses (good vision, excellent wearing comfort), Hybrid rigid-soft lenses (very good vision, very good wearing comfort), Hard lenses (excellent vision, good wearing comfort).

Contact lenses 40+

40pContact lenses instead of two pairs of glasses. Monovision (American and Japanese daily, bi-weekly and monthly lenses), Multifocal lenses (daily and monthly lenses).

Astigmatism correction

Top quality contact lenses. Soft toric lenses, including the latest monthly SuperLens eyedesign, Hard lenses with a toric back surface.