Recurring payments

Recurring payments – V-POS Platform

The purchase of ortho-k contact lenses, rigid contact lenses or specialist glasses constitutes a large expenditure and a burden for home budget.

We are pleased to inform that OKULUX introduced a new service – Recurring payments on V-POS Platform. The service does not require a lot of formalities. It enables us to spread the payment over time by initially paying only 50% of the order value (25% at the time of placing the order and 25% after the receipt of the order). The remaining payment is taken from credit card in intervals for the period of 10 months.

Recurring payments user needs to be a holder of MasterCard or VISA credit card. If you wish to choose the above method of payment you need to notify it to our staff and fill in the “Credit card charging acceptance form”.

Recurring payments details are available at OKULUX.