Orthokeratology for children - MYOPIA CONTROL

As one of the few ophthalmologists and orthokeratologists in Poland I fit MYOPIA CONTROL ortho-k contact lenses that are the most effective method to slow down the progression of shortsightedness in children.

Advantages of MYOPIA CONTROL ortho-k contact lenses

  • MYOPIA CONTROL orthokeratology contact lenses constitute a method aimed at stopping the progression of shortsightedness that is very effective for children and teenagers.
  • Very safe and totally reversible method of vision correction.
  • There is no need to wear glasses or other contact lenses during the whole day.
  • Fewer problems with allergy and dry eyes, especially when working in front of the computer screen.
  • The latest high-tech material - Optimum Extreme - ensures high oxygen permeability to the cornea and perfect moisturisation.
  • MYOPIA CONTROL ortho-k contact lenses enable corneal astigmatism correction of up to -2.75 D.
  • Right lens is transparent and left one is green - different colours make it easier to differentiate the lenses and apply them properly.



MYOPIA CONTROL ortho-k contact lenses are intended for patients whose eye defect is progressing. Like other ortho-k contact lenses they are used at night, during sleep and they aim at reshaping the curvature of the cornea. They enable good and sharp vision throughout the day, with no need to wear glasses or other contact lenses. Shortsightedness and/or astigmatism are partially corrected already after the first night and after 2 weeks the vision is sharp.

MYOPIA CONTROL ortho-k contact lenses correct the following eye defects:

  • Shortsightedness ≤ - 6.00 D.
  • With-the-rule astigmatism ≤ 2.75 D.
  • Against-the-rule astigmatism ≤ 1.50 D.


MYOPIA CONTROL ortho-k contact lenses structure

Thanks to modified reverse geometry, high-tech ortho-k MYOPIA CONTROL contact lenses slow down the progression of shortsightedness faster. They are made of material called Optimum Extreme which is very safe and ensures high oxygen permeability and perfect moisturisation.


We offer orthokeratology methods already since 2006. We hold certificates of the world's leading manufacturers. We are experienced in fitting ortho-k contact lenses to children of school age and teenagers.


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