Hybrid soft-rigid contact lenses

Source: Aqua Lens

For several years now we have fitted hybrid contact lenses at OKULUX. They are an alternative to rigid contact lenses. Thanks to their design, hybrid contact lenses are much more comfortable than traditional rigid contact lenses..

Hybrid contact lenses are made of soft silicone and their central part is made of hard gas-permeable material. Such combination made them more comfortable.

We offer them mainly to people who feel discomfort while wearing traditional rigid contact lenses. Vision may be slightly worse than in rigid contact lenses.

A pair of hybrid contact lenses may be worn for 6 months. However, when cared of properly, they may be worn for up to 9 months.


We offer orthokeratology methods already since 2006. We hold certificates of the world's leading manufacturers. We are experienced in fitting ortho-k contact lenses to children of school age and teenagers.


Astigmatism correction

Astigmatism correction - highest quality contact lenses.

Soft toric contact lenses, including the latest monthly SuperLens eyedesign
Back-toric rigid contact lenses

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Keratoconus correction

korekcja stozka rogowkiKeratoconus correction - comfortable contact lenses.

Soft contact lenses for keratoconus (good vision, great comfort of wearing)
Hybrid soft-rigid contact lenses (very good vision, very good comfort of wearing)
Rigid contact lenses (perfect vision, good comfort of wearing)

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Contact lenses 40+

40pContact lenses for people over 40 - contact lenses instead of two pairs of glasses.

  • Monovision (American and Japanese daily, two-week and monthly contact lenses)
  • Multifocal contact lenses (daily and monthly)
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