Why is it worth buying glasses at OKULUX?

gabinet Oku-Lux - nowoczesne okulary, okulary markowe, okulary słoneczneWhat sets us apart?

  1. We will advise you WHICH type and model of glasses to choose (from many different options) so that it is best for YOUR eyes and lifestyle.
  2. Before making your glasses we will tell you how THICK the lenses will be and we will offer you the best method of making them thinner with the use of a high-tech computer programme.
  3. We recommend INDIVIDUAL eyeglass lenses, designed specially to fit your face and the chosen glasses frame. Thanks to that your glasses will look perfect and so will be your vision.
  4. Among others, we offer glasses frames of well-known and renowned brands such as Ray-Ban, Hilfiger, Vogue as well as frames manufactured by a German company with changeable temples.
  5. We ONLY recommend highest quality eyeglass lenses of well-known and renowned brands, with 100% UV filter and multilayer anti-reflection coatings.
  6. After carrying out an EYE EXAM at our private practice, we GUARANTEE that you will be FULLY SATISFIED with your glasses or we will give you a refund! (costs of visits are not refundable)