Computer glasses

fotolia 56534737Computer screens have become an inseparable part of our lives. They are at home, work and in cars. Some of the problems caused by working at computer screens, known as Computer Vision Syndrome – CVS, are a result of not corrected or poorly corrected eye defect. As long as people over 40 understand that if their near vision has deteriorated, they also need computer glasses, young people are often unaware of that problem. Studies have shown that inaccurate correction of vision defect may decrease productivity to 10% and accuracy up to 40%. Wearing computer glasses with 0.00 D power does not necessarily make sense, but using glasses that correct mild astigmatism (e.g. 0.25) may be necessary. Many people think that their vision is correct and they may even not realize that getting tired while working at the computer is a result of an eye defect.

At OKULUX you may have your eye defect precisely examined or verified and order computer glasses correcting each, even smallest, eye defect. Additionally, for people over 40 years old or those having poor eye accommodation (eye ability to see items from short distance) resulting in faster eye strain, we recommend eyeglass lenses that will strengthen focusing skills (accommodation). All eyeglass lenses recommended at OKULUX have 100% UV filter and high quality multilayer anti-reflection coating. For those who have an uncompromising approach towards optics, we offer individual eyeglass lenses that are custom-made by German manufacturers. They ensure maximum sharpness of vision and eliminate even smallest distortions by taking the following factors into consideration: individual face shape, eye depth and frame shape.