Contact lenses - for whom?

We offer contact lenses for a wide range of patients - everyone will find something suitable.Soczewki kontaktowe


We specialise in fitting contact lenses to people who are willing to try them for the first time. With contact lenses you will feel more comfortable during parties and free to practice different sport disciplines. You will also look elegant when going out in the evening. For sure, contact lenses will change your appearance.

CONTACT LENSES for people over 40

As time goes by, our near vision begins to worsen. If our cell phone screen is blurry, you have difficulties to see the watch face properly or you cannot see the details on car navigation screen, it is a sign that your near vision needs to be corrected. You do not necessarily need to wear glasses. At OKULUX we will fit you specialist contact lenses that will allow sharp vision at near distance. In multifocal contact lenses you will see properly from near again. Without glasses!

CONTACT LENSES for people with astigmatism

Our private practice offers newest generation contact lenses for astigmatism. Compared to traditional contact lenses they are characterised by three times higher oxygen transmission and very good stability on the eye. Thanks to a moisturising component, a patient with astigmatism can wear contact lenses comfortably throughout the day. For very high astigmatism we prescribe rigid contact lenses custom-made based on the patient's precise corneal topography. As a result they can offer best optical properties. Feel free to come and try new contact lenses for astigmatism correction.

CONTACT LENSES for keratoconus correction

For many years now we have fitted contact lenses that correct keratoconus. Therefore, if you have keratoconus and you wish to see properly or if you have keratoconus and already wear contact lenses and wish to fit new ones, feel free to come to OKULUX.

CONTACT LENSES for patients willing to undergo laser eye surgery

To check how your vision will change after you undergo a surgery.

If you have vision impairment in a single eye (especially with astigmatism), you do not wear glasses or contact lenses and you are willing to undergo laser eye surgery, it is worth checking how you will feel after a surgery. We will fit you special custom-made rigid contact lenses that will show you how you will see after a surgery. It is an obligatory procedure in many centres that offer laser eye correction, both in Poland and abroad.

CONTACT LENSES to wear overnight and see properly during the day - orthokeratology

If your vision defect does not exceed -4.5 D, astigmatism is not higher that -1.5 D and you are tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day, you are a perfect candidate for non-surgical correction of shortsightedness with the use of ortho-k contact lenses. In most cases orthokeratology contact lenses stop further progression of eye defect.